Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a storm we had during the night!

You know how sounds filter into your subconscious while you are sleeping and affect your dreams?  That’s how the middle-of-the-night storm started out.  Just enough sound to penetrate my REM sleep and help to create some bizarre dream… that I don’t recall any details of; just that it was bizarre.

Then there was a bright white flash of lighting, soon followed by a loud boom of thunder that sent Lucy and Buzz scurrying to get under the bed.  Then it sounded like the skies opened up and water just poured forth, with strong winds whipping the rain first one direction then another.

This went on for what seemed like several minutes, but was probably just a very few, as I lay there in bed listening for the sound of tornado sirens.  But alas, soon the noise subsided, all became calm again, and I was drifting off to dreamland again.

Then BOOOOMMM!  The house shook, the windows rattled and it started all over again with more lightning, thunder, wind and rain.  Maybe even some hail peppered into the mix from the sounds of it all.

This scenario occurred at least three more times when, in the midst of my last conscious awareness of the storms, my brain said “Enough!  Let’s get some sleep” and it shut down for the remainder of the night. 


I grew up in tornado alley.  Have always loved listening to the rumble of a good storm.  And once I feel there is no threat of imminent danger, these sounds can lull me into a peaceful sleep.

But I also enjoy the glorious sights that a storm brings with it – coming and going.  The beautiful sunsets and rainbows, the trees in their various shades of green against the backdrop of a bruised-looking sky, the richer colors of grasses and flowers and shrubs after a good soaking rain.

However, this storm has been a bit more than soaking.  Since whatever time it began in the wee early morning hours, there has been very little let-up.  Here it is noon and, though there is currently no rain, the thunder and gray skies make us aware that it’s not over yet.

That’s okay.  We needed some rain, and the rumbling sound of the thunder, in my imagination, is like the voice of God speaking to me.


So soothing.



Missy Melissy said...

Hi Iva. I bet that same storm hit right south of here yesterday evening. It wasn't in Colby, but about 15 miles south, it rained 6 inches! Kept it up all night. When it passed by at first, it got so cold here. It was something else. Of course, the summer has been like that. We're not used to SOOOOOOO much rain! It's a good problem. Take care!

Patty said...

Wow ! That sounded like some storm! We've had some pretty nice weather here lately, but the storms are suppose to start some time tomorrow and last until Saturday. Enjoy yor weekend!