Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilty people are the greatest!

This has been a great week with packages arriving in the mail from a couple of quilty/crafty gals.  I LOVE receiving goodies like these in the mail, don’t you?

One came from Melissa as a thank you to all of us who are participating a virtual quilting group she is hosting.  This will be my first VQG experience and I’m very excited about it.  Thank you Melissa for this sweet gift. 


That butterfly fabric was an exciting bonus since it will work perfectly in a swap project that I can now get to work on.  You saved me some time in my already busy schedule…thank you, thank you, thank you!

The second package came from one of my MIL’s neighbors.

A couple of months ago, this sweet lady came knocking on MIL’s door with a bed skirt in hand.  A customer of hers had contracted her to make the bed skirt.  But after the project was finished, the customer decided she didn’t want it after all (good thing she paid in advance). 

Not having a need for it and knowing what a philanthropist my MIL is, friendly neighbor gave the bed skirt to her to donate to someone in need.

Well, MIL was very excited indeed.  She had been keeping an eye out for a bed skirt (because yours truly had not yet gotten around to making her one) to match the quilt I had made for her a couple of Christmases ago.

After a (very) brief moment of feeling guilty about wanting to keep the bed skirt for herself, she told friendly neighbor that it would be a perfect match for the quilt on her bed and invited her in to see it.

Friendly neighbor fell in love with the quilt, and when she learned that the quilt pattern was called “Four Sisters” (from Eleanor Burns’ “Still Stripping…”) she too became very excited.  Like MIL, friendly neighbor is one of four sisters, and she declared that she just had to have the pattern to make a quilt for each of her sisters.

Knowing that friendly neighbor, being of a certain age, was probably on a fixed income, I decided to just send her my copy.

The grateful and happy friendly neighbor in turn sent a nice note and enclosed an adorable hot pad made from…

Mary Engelbriet’s Recipe for Friendship fabrics! 


Truly, it was a sweet gesture and I am proud to be it’s recipient.  However, it is pretty ironic (recall a previous post on these fabrics?) :-D  So funny!

Life is just full of ironies, and sweet quilty friends. 

How fun!


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Missy Melissy said...

Hi Iva! Thanks for showing what I sent you. I made the packages all at the same time and just prayed that the right one would go to the right person. I'm glad yours worked out. Awesome! Have fun,