Monday, March 30, 2009

Project Improv

Oh. My. Stars. This month is gone and I've only accomplished a tiny fraction of what needs to be done on my To-Do list!!!

It's not that I've been (totally) slacking. There have just been too many irons in the fire; not to mention the fact that I haven't been very good about time management these days. We just won't mention that at all.

Plus, I had the pleasure of having my two adorable and extremely active grandsons for a whole week during Spring Break (more on that another time).

But I did, FINALLY, get my wonky log cabin blocks in the mail today to Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. It's a good thing she lives close by, relatively speaking, because the deadline is Wednesday!

Jacquie developed a charity quilt project titled Project Improv. The idea is to have volunteers make and send in 12.5" blocks in their choice of three different color schemes. These blocks will be made into quilts to be given away or auctioned off for charity.

Although I volunteered to submit blocks in the red/aqua color format, I decided instead to make two blocks in each colorway.... partly because I couldn't remember how many I had volunteered to make. sheesh!

Oh well; at least they are done now and on their way to a good cause.

Anyone want to chance a guess on how long it took me to figure out how to create that mosaic?


One more thing to add to my ~growing~ list of things to accomplish: learn to utilize some of the cool tips and tricks and gadgets and widgets that are available to bloggers.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

We have all been holding it in for months. Some even for years.

But today is the day to let it all out. Let go. Release it to the winds.

Because today is PANIC DAY!!

Our economy is in a mess. Our retirement savings are depleted, or nearly so. The roof is leaking, the car needs tires, the kids need new shoes, and our seams and points aren't as perfect as we would like them to be.

So go ahead -- let's all just break loose and have that well deserved panic attack we've long been needing!

Then when we've got that out of our systems we can take a nap because it is also NAPPING DAY.

Whew! We needed that. Panicking takes a lot out of a person. Besides we need a nap to make up for that lost hour of sleep as a result of Daylight Savings Time.

But today is also GET OVER IT DAY.

Which is confusing and hurts my brain.

Think I'll go take a nap!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Must Be Spring...

Over the past few days writers of some of my favorite blog sites have posted SIGHTS and SIGNS of spring in their various locations.

Here in Doo-Dah:

Yesterday there were the SOUNDS of children laughing and playing in the back yards that adjoin ours. Then this evening we were treated to the sound of tornado sirens!

Could this be a precursor for what lies ahead for the remainder of the season?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pawsitive Tails -- Sweet Surrender

Bet you thought I dropped out of the OP Challenge. Nothing since the last post showing the first three completed blocks. Yep, she gave up. Dropped out. Hung it up to dry. Couldn't hack it.

Well, you're wrong.

On the weekend of the virtual retreat with Pat I made a trip to Oooo-kla-homa. My DD had turned another year older and I chose to go celebrate the occasion with her.

Dang it girl! I still can't believe you are.... the age you are. Stop doing that to me!

But before returning to our neck of the woods, MFG and I took a side trip to visit DS#1 and, of course, I had to scoop up our Adorable GrandDaughter and bring her home with us.

This little princess is full of spirit and exuberance, and she just flat wore out her Mimi. But I loved every minute of it.

Tex, on the other hand, was not so keen on having this rambunctious intruder in his castle.

For the first two days of her visit we did not see hide nor hair of the little guy. MFG did spot him peeking his head out of his hiding place one night after AGD Alexis and I went off to bed. Once he determined all was safe Tex proceeded with caution up the stairs for food and water.

Next morning Tex decided to try his luck again and worked his way upstairs only to be spotted by AGD. At the sight of the cat she squealed in delight and went running after him... K I I I I TTTYYY!! Then off he would disappear again as fast as his legs would take him.

This scene was repeated several more times over the course of that day and the next. Each time I would explain to Alexis that when she yelled and ran after the kitty it scared him. That if she would be quiet and gentle he might let her pet him.

Eventually the concept took hold.

On the afternoon of day four we went downstairs for some quiet time. And there was Tex, lying peacefully on the sofa. As softly as she could in her excitement Alexis said, "Mimi, please catch the kitty so I can pet him."

Was I going to turn that down? Absolutely not!

So, quietly we walked to the sofa. I picked up Tex and we all sat down together with me petting and reassuring Tex as we settled in. Then I gently placed kitty on Alexis' lap and we both continued to pet him. Once Tex was relaxed I removed my hand and she continued to stroke his fur ever so gently.

And then it happened...

Tex curled into a soft little ball and snuggled in, right there on Alexis' lap!

And, oh, the look on that precious baby's face!! The melting of her heart poured through her very being. Her limbs and body collapsed into a blissful, enraptured slump. Her facial expressions ranged from sweet surprise, to near tearful affection and delight, then to one of a loving little mama, as a soft, sweet little "ohhhhh" escaped her lips.

How I would have loved for someone to be there to record that moment. That sweet, beautiful moment in time. One that will be etched in my mind forever. A memory that, for the rest of my life, I will recall every time I look at that adorable little girl's face.

So it was for the next couple of days when one little kitty gave such great joy to one precious princess.

Thank you Tex.