Monday, December 1, 2008

Enough Already!

What a weekend.... the stars must have been in some chaotic alignment. Well, now that I think about it the moon, Venus and Jupiter are jockeying into position for a "spectacular night scene" that we are supposed to be able to witness tonight. So maybe that is what has caused recent events?

Last night I received a call from my daughter. Shannon wanted me to know that she had been in a car accident the night before (now why did she wait almost 24 hours before calling her mama??? Gonna have to have a talk with that girl -- when she's feeling better.). Apparently the other driver must have been in a hurry to make a left turn and ended up hitting Shannon's car head on. Although badly shaken at the time and now sore and a bit bruised, she suffered no serious injuries -- for which we are extremely grateful, and just as grateful too that the boys weren't with her when the accident occurred. But once again she is without wheels. So along with offering up praises to God for Shannon's physical protection, please pray too for a fair and quick insurance settlement and another safe and reliable vehicle for her and the boys.

About 30 minutes later I received another phone call... this time from my older son Kevin. He had taken himself to the emergency room. For several years he has endured neck pain as a result of some accident, and for the past several months it has at times become debilitating. After various attempts to get a diagnosis and some relief, a doctor finally confirmed that Kevin has developed a form of arthritis in his neck and recommended steroid shots to help relieve the pain. The first shot was given almost two weeks ago. Shortly afterward he began to feel some tenderness around the injection sight but chalked it up as normal since the needle used was, in his opinion, a pretty big one. Over the next several days the intensity of the tenderness increased to the point where last night he was in enough pain he felt a trip to the emergency room was necessary. Kevin was sent home with prescriptions to help relieve the pain and inflammation and a recommendation to contact his doctor. While we are praying for Shannon, let's also please offer up prayers for greater wisdom for Kevin's doctors that they will find a treatment to eliminate his pain.

When Kevin was leaving the emergency room he saw his grandmother in the waiting room. Mom had brought my stepdad in because he was having chest pains again. Ken is now resting comfortably in the ICU. Once he is stabilized the doctors will perform surgery to remove blockages and do some repairs. Again, prayers for the doctors and for Ken.

Since things supposedly happen in threes we should be done with crises for a while.... right???

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