Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Journey Continues…

Life is so  much busier now that I’m working.  And to think that it is only a part-time job. 

How on earth did I ever hold down a full-time job, take college courses, and raise three children?!  I wish I could remember how, because time is just flat out eluding me.  Maybe some of you younger women can enlighten me.  I’m up for suggestions.  Bring them on… quick!

It seems that by the time I get home, make dinner, and clean the kitchen, it’s nearly bed time – and I’m not talking about old folks bedtime!

At least this job is only three days a week!

Besides, it will (eventually) provide me with some extra mad money so I can….  do what? …. all together now:  BUY MORE FABRIC!!!  And maybe some yarn too, ‘cause I’ve been bitten by the knitting bug – big time!!  But most importantly, I love the job and the people I work with are really great – couldn’t ask for better!

Almost forgot – I  promised a picture of my office Christmas gift.  Let me introduce you to my desk mates – made by one of my super coworkers:

My desk mates They make me smile; but they have no names yet… any suggestions?

On another note:  my January block is complete for our little virtual quilting group.  This one is for Gayly….

000_0004 She said the stripy fabric was an online buying mistake, but the exchange student that was living with Gayly and her family loved it.  Go Gayly is putting the quilt together for her young friend as a surprise.  It really is an interesting fabric with lots of possibilities.  You can check out the other blocks here.

Before we head back to Italy to see the fountains, I’d like to point you to the new blog of a friend of mine.  Gayle is, in my estimation, an expert on health foods and whole body wellness.  If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to take better care of yourself and live a healthier lifestyle, then you should definitely check out Healed by Him.

Now, here are but a few – a very few – of Rome’s fountains.  And I must apologize up front, because I know the name of only one them.

Trevi fountain was made popular many years ago by the movie “Three Coins in the Fountain” with Audrey Hephurn.  Since then, so I’m told, you have to elbow you way through the crowds to get a decent view.  But it’s worth it.  Trevi is just spectacular!


Then there was the intersection with a fountain on every corner:

A fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps: 

And others here and there….

Our next trip will be to the Vatican.  Hope you’ll join us.



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