Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The first celebration is NEW BATTERIES… which are absolutely essential.  Without them my pictures had been held captive for weeks.  Not that they are artistic wonders.  Just that I promised you guys there would pictures (and even a video if I can figure out how to load it) of your, and my, favorite little people having fun with Papa and Mimi, and Papa and Mimi having fun with them.

Really though, the real, official, first celebration is actually Sam’s (little cutie in center) kindergarten graduation.  Congratulations, Sam; and thank you for inviting me to your very special event!


Just look at those CUTE dimples!  I could just eat you up, little man!!  And doesn’t this just look like a fun bunch of rugrats?

After graduation, Mimi loaded up all three of her adorable munchkins and we headed to Oz for a week of celebrating the beginning of summer vacation.

There was lots of fun and chaos and very little structure because, after all, one is supposed to have tons of fun when visiting the grandparents!  We will leave structure and discipline to the parents.


There were green slides and red slides to delight in:


Mama was missing her girl, so some phone time was in order!


And lots of sand to bury ourselves in:

102_2443 102_2466












Then we had to touch the clouds with our toes:

102_2568 102_2460 102_2539

The usual pestering:

102_2571 102_2507 102_2508






Fish and frogs to be caught:

102_2513 102_2515

102_2510 102_2520

Lots of climbing:

102_2553 102_2548

102_2432 102_2437


Getting dizzy:

102_2560 102_2562

Of course, fun in the water (had to wrap the cast in plastic bags because we just couldn’t let Hunter miss out on the fun):


Papa you are so awesome! Just the best papa ever!!!

Plus lots of fun and popsicles with the neighborhood children,  picnics, playing catch with Papa, looking for awesome rocks with Mimi, late-night movies and popcorn, and hours of searching for “rolly pollies” and snails.

And of course what trip to Papa and Mimi’s would be complete without a visit from “Wedgy Man.”

102_2585 102_2582



To think they actually look forward to this and, from the moment they walk in the door, practically beg their Uncle Adam for the experience.  Of course he makes them wait… until the very last evening of their visit.  But I think it was the highlight of their whole stay; not to mention it has pretty much become a tradition.  Go figure.  Will they still be begging for wedgies from the Wedgy Man when they are teenagers?

Another celebration:  the dining room chairs are now complete.  YAY!!  Pretty decent if I do say so myself.


And one final celebration:  Mary of Little Red House is celebrating her 500th post with a spectacular giveaway.  If you haven’t seen her blog yet, you certainly owe it to yourself to get over there now.  Her decorating style is impeccable.  Her photography, breathtaking.  I’m so envious.

All in all, life is good!


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Grace said...

i've done a lot of blog-surfing in my time, but i don't think i've ever encountered so much cuteness in one post. :)